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Experience What Sets Us Apart

Back in 1985, London Place Eye Centre (as we were then known) became the first clinic in Canada dedicated to corrective eye surgery. We continued to pioneer the science of vision correction, and were the first in British Columbia to use a laser to correct myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness) and astigmatism. Later, we introduced the 'No Touch PRK' procedure; a non-invasive bladeless surgery that uses a cool beam of laser light to reshape the surface of the cornea. Unlike conventional Lasik vision correction, there is no cutting of the eye needed to create a flap. 'No Touch' also preserves more corneal tissue. 'No Touch PRK' is now practiced at clinics around the world. London Eye Centre also offers the IntraLase SBK, an all-laser procedure that eliminates the blade and cutting from the conventional LASIK process.

The Centre Has Performed Over 100,000 Procedures

For 30 years, we have advanced the science of laser vision correction. The centre has performed over 100,000 procedures with patients from 30 countries. We can correct most vision conditions, even strong prescriptions, simply, safely, with precision and excellent long-term results. Our surgical team is among the most experienced in the world. Ophthamologists from near and far have come to us for training and in many cases, have had their own vision corrected with 'No Touch'. And London Eye Centre continues to be recognized internationally as a research centre for new developments in laser vision correction. London Eye Centre offers information seminars where all the options, benefits and risks of laser vision correction are openly discussed. Once you've talked to London Eye Centre, you'll see there is no better time to begin a new life free of glasses and contact lenses.

Are you ready to start living free of glasses and contacts?